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"ceremony music of olimpic games or a march from the world cups in 70s."
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"This is probably a techno song.I guess this a track from the matrix movies,I'm not sure.The songs begin with a kind of synthetizer ,very softly and then it shifts to the part I'm humming on the sample.This graduallly rises,,and then we hear some percussi"
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  • Буерак - Культ тела
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    "I ordered a copy of that record a couple weeks ago, so we should know pretty soon.
    FatBird24Wed, 17 Aug 2022 02:43
    Just a guess as I can't find audio

    Other songs from this artist are online and style and voice are similar
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  • "@TitiK, are you playing this in FL studio or is it a recording of a real song?"
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