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"I search mainly just by knowing the song or by googling the lyrics, rarely I search by app (such as Shazam).

PS: if you know some old Belgian groups (60-80's) hit me up :)"

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  • "yes its because the chorus is missing, it starts at the end of your sample, if you would have a sample that is a bit longer, you could post it in the comments by using"
  • "Obviously not... I don't know what song is this... artist or title... 
    Anon0122Mon, 29 May 2023 09:57
    Do you have full song? 
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    new sample in Musique classique
  • "Thanks! I've already uploaded a track there."
  • Sample was edited
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    "if you have a longer sample you can share with us via"
  • Sample was edited
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  • "Thank you so much! Guess I knew this song from Whiplash lol, glad to have confirmation now!"
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