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"My favorite songs this week:

1. OPM – Move that body
2. Frenzzy – Funky nights
3. Lolly Frizol – Disco lady
4. Ras Moses – Ragamuffin
5. Kaare Barkou – Sundance
6. Sigh Of Relief – Description
7. Excalibur – Early in the morning
8. Unknown Art – Easy to please me
9. Bureau De Change – Business is business
10. Bola Bimbola – Don't say no when you mean to say yes

1. song: https://bit.ly/3xQLO15

6. song: https://bit.ly/3zeGpRD

9. song: https://bit.ly/2URiYyZ

10. song: https://vocaroo.com/18o8rkfMpcPr"


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  • "№2_ ...And these words of the Albanian phrase:{" "..Asnihere unë s'deshta zemrën me ta thy, o zemrën me ta thy..", naturally, don't look like Russian words at normal original playback speed: https://youtu.be/2nnvzeeblow?t=35 But these same Albanian words become much more similar to Russian words in an accelerated sound mode in the mix: https://youtu.be/WZmEQLNbmXY?t=58 Russian-speaking listeners will be able to appreciate that it really looks like: "А если я ей нужен здесь, когда мне нужна ты, мне стала нужна ты..?" = ["And if she needs me here, when I need you, I need you [now]..?"], as if this Russian phrase was sung quickly with a slight accent and with not quite accurate diction. That's the story:) The main thing's: this mysterious song about an even more dramatic love was found, after all! ✌ Hurray! :)"
  • "Oh, congrats, Frkotou, well done! 👍 :) Yes, of course, poor audibility of the very-quiet-sounding voices + the increased speed of sounding all this in the Remix, bizarrely distort the perception to such a degree, that it begins to seem like phrases sung in other languages, with or without accent!)) Well, although, it's a common thing: words of different sound volumes are heard differently, at different speeds, including."
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  • TwoToned - Cyber Princess And The Civil Unrest
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