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    "No it's "What if God was one of us", but some remix
    KomatatThu, 23 Mar 2023 16:00
    looks like russian pop 00s
  • "Thanks, Musicfan1994.
    It appears this particular piece isn't amoungst those on the site but I appreciate the link."
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    "london boys is so good."
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  • "😃 Great, thanks !"
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    "This song is Network - Run For Your  Life (1983). Skip to 13:39 to hear the song your looking for."
  • "looks like russian pop 00s"
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    "Michel Cusson m'a répondu, et il m'a dit (en Anglais):

    "Hi Jamie,

    I’ve listened and it is I think, something I wrote for Omerta, it rings a bell.  I think the singer is Brigitte Boisjoli  ( she is well known now). I remember hiring her a few times on different projects at the time. I did a bit research in my personal music cues library, I have not found that specific cut. I would have to dig deeper. If you want to listen to Omerta’s music, there is a pretty extensive complication on Spotify or Apple Music  ( about 84 tunes) 


    Michel Cusson"

    Donc, il pense que c'était un de ces morceaux composé pour le série et que la chanteuse est Brigitte Boisjoli."
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    Network - Run For Your Life
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