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"I’m really into lostwave"

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  • Hello! This is a bit ankward considering the song is credited as Pklomania by MigoPlays from MigoTale. This is from a Megalovania compilation I found while exploring a rabbit hole.

    First snippet is from here:

    Second snippet is from here:

    I can't seem to find the original upload of Pklomania though, might be lost.

    winggasterTue, 25 Jun 2024 06:49

    maybe some version of this sonic schoolhouse megalovania?

  • full length file (5 minutes) i know its not Hyperlink

  • A response within a few hours?! And how can you say that it will not manifest itself? In addition you copied the response to this query where we are not at all sure of the answer

    dzeWed, 26 Jun 2024 00:54

    mods accept this please, OP is most likely inactive

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  • Top Flow - Sunshine Whistle
  • 2

    Yeah. I'm new to this and just thought I'd start trying to do the answer. Before today I was just posting comments. I actually don't think it is the prologue exactly, but a variation of it. I think there are several similar spots in the movie with slight variations. It could be somewhere in that youtube playlist. I only listened to a couple. But if not I'm pretty sure its in the movie somewhere. Thanks for the accept lol.

    pumpkinguy19Wed, 26 Jun 2024 00:41

    it could be, or im just dumb, who cares im accepting it.

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