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"I am an enthusiast for recording songs from radio stations, but on rare occasions I find music that doesn't seem to have been released on the current music services. Probably all the samples I will post will be songs recorded on radio stations that I was never able to identify."

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    "UP (30)

    Family Matters, S4 E3 "Dance to the Music"

    Longer sample:"
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    Tele Music - Take It Easy
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    a sample in Electro
  • Crazy Cousinz - Inflation
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    "How these squeaky Indonesians fucked up with their Astaga, it makes me want to puke. Bruno, with all due respect, we need an English version!"
  • Kevin Galiè - La Bayadere, Act III: 44. "Variation - 1st Soloist Shade"
  • "I'm looking for Keith Textor's version. The one you linked doesn't sound alike. 
    TenFootBunnyWed, 31 May 2023 06:17
    The first waltz is an 1867 song called The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze, but I have no clue what the second one is. It DOES sound familar though, just can't put a finger on it.
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    CLANN - The Stolen Child
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