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"Fav Genres: Bluegrass / Alternative-Indie / 80s Country / Classic Rock :)
Fav Artist: AKUS
Last Concert: Martin Kerr"


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Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
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"maybe not rock, but 80% sure it is"
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"mid to late 80's..sounds like Winger a little..something walking hand and hand and makin love in the sand"
Dion - Runaway
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"I believe this is a song frequently used in commercials"
Mad Flava - From Tha Ground Unda
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"trying 4 years to find out what is that band ..."
Mac Miller - Self Care
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"A "chillsong with an annoying youtuber speaking over it sorry it if is loud, found here at 9:09 in the video."
Rodgers and Hart - Where Or When
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"I need to find this song, i loved how it sounded in my childhood, as it came off an old VHS, i have a DVD copy of the video it came from and now i wonder, what the hell is this song named, and where can i get it?! I love it so much as it stuck to me as a "
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  • "Yes, it doesn't sound like the OLD BOY THEME which by the way also sounds great@"
  • new sample in pop
  • twenty 1 pilots - Hometown
  • The WORLD CLASS WRECKIN'CRU 1986 - juice
  • "?"
  • Panoboy - The truth that you leave
  • new sample in Electro
  • Tiеsto - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise
  • "NO, It's not OLD BOY THEME.."
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