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"Nice guy from Argentina always searching for new good music and trying to unveil some old songs as well. That's why we're all of us here I guess basically, aren't we? LOL! :) Hope to make good friends and interact with many people here :) Let's help each other out! ;)"


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Il y a 119 jours

Soul, Funk, Rap - english

Il y a 148 jours

Electro - english
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  • Diana Barton - Tango
  • "I have no idea. :-) I don't know about hints, I usually give them on 5.-10. day, but that's absolutely personal choice. I've seen Quizzes old 4000 days without hints :-) and Quizzes with 3 and more hints within an hour after posting. Maybe someone will remember without help. We had Gorillaz in requests recently, I remembered after 6 days of contemplating. :-) https://www.watzatsong.com/en/found/Gorillaz-Dare-639047.html"
  • new sample in Electro
  • "Haha, who is that ? I can leave a clue if you want ;)"
  • Arizona Zervas - Roxanne
  • "Hi Kenny, thank you, this was easy but your Quiz I follow is hard to identify, and I'm sure I know that tune. :-)"
  • "OK, I'll take a look."
  • "Hello Nanah, well done, I however had the impression that the transformation into 8 Bits had given something hardly recognizable :) Bravo! :)"
  • "YW"
  • "thank you ♥"
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