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"Yes, songs, im human, and live on world"

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    "Michel Cusson m'a répondu, et il m'a dit (en Anglais):

    "Hi Jamie,

    I’ve listened and it is I think, something I wrote for Omerta, it rings a bell.  I think the singer is Brigitte Boisjoli  ( she is well known now). I remember hiring her a few times on different projects at the time. I did a bit research in my personal music cues library, I have not found that specific cut. I would have to dig deeper. If you want to listen to Omerta’s music, there is a pretty extensive complication on Spotify or Apple Music  ( about 84 tunes) 


    Michel Cusson"

    Donc, il pense que c'était un de ces morceaux composé pour le série et que la chanteuse est Brigitte Boisjoli."
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    Network - Run For Your Life
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  • Студия Promuse (Игорь Смирнов и Назар Ровков) - Seduction (Интерны OST)
  • "A similar topic was discussed here"
  • "No one knows the name of artist, because I'ts just the original Ost for  Russian Comedy. This instrumental song was written specially for this TV Series. And the name of artist kept in secret. 
    AmatierisThu, 23 Mar 2023 15:19
    Интерны that's not the name of the artist, that's the name of the series
  • Jingle Punks - Cataclysmic Molten Core
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