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    "Hello Amatieris. For now I can only tell you that I listened to all of Rotaru's titles on Discogs (singles and compilations too); and on other platforms (e.g. etc.). And we were looking for these or similar titles in different languages. But I agree, if there would be a video on youtube, you could find it. I also quoted comments from viewers, but I am more interested in their reactions. If that person had been sure, he could have given the name of the singer too.
    We keep searching on youtube even though I had to watch Katy Perry's extra cheese on her head a billion times today (commercials).
    Applause can be heard at the end of Rotaru's video, which was edited out. This is the only clue for me so far.
    Most of her songs, even the oldest ones, are easy to find on Youtube. I don't think they just forgot about that one recording.  Maybe it wasn't her original recording, but just sung live."
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