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  • "His grandmother was murdered recently by "Rolf Wagner" and accomplices. It has nothing to do with your father's song nor a famous story. Innocent people's lives were harmed this isn't gossip."
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    Mike Mccleary - Indian Adventure
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    Crispin Merrell - Slapstick
  • "It's an internet troll, it's not a real story"
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  • "Wow sorry (again my hyper-curious mind):
    so Emil's grandmother was killed?
    Emil was a user on the discords, his grandmother had died or did she die recently? 
    How is Rolf Wagner responsible for Emil's grandmother's murder?
    Is this a famous/infamous story?
    Any press you can point me towards?"
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  • "Emil was a user on the Lostwave Discords. "Rolf Wagner" is responsible for the murder of Emil's grandmother. Emil has since left all platforms and will be critically depressed for the rest of his life. "Rolf Wagner" goes along and accuses innocent people of what he is guilty of. Ignore that scumbag don't let him bring you down."
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