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  • Philip Guyler - Albedo
  • "?"
  • League of Legends Warsongs - Piercing Light (Mako Remix)
  • Lana Del Rey - Cola (George Antonios Remix)
  • "@Moo, Why not, but who would click on these buttons? When a requester rejects by mistake he doesn't usually notice..."
  • Cerrone - Music Of Life
  • "Suggests that an "unreject" option would be helpful. Also an "unaccept" for when the wrong answer is accidentally accepted."
  • John Barry - Thunderball (Instrumental)
  • "Certainly rejected by mistake, it happens all the time, I'll confirm it."
  • "bonjour à vous si quelqu'un sait me la trouver envoie la dans les commentaires parce que j'ai besoin de cette chanson d'urgence!!!!"
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