WatZatSong is looking for its next team. Learn more here

WatZatSong is looking for its next team!

I've created WatZatSong 15 years ago and I'm always thrilled to see the community being always more lively than ever, with amazing members and thousands of user impressed when they they find with WatZatSong the name of sample they had been looking for for years sometimes!

It's however getting harder for me to keep developing WatZatSong and helping Katynett, who's doing an amazing job looking after the community. That's why I'm looking for the next team to keep developing and expanding WatZatSong so as to take it to its next level!

I'm talking to a few interested people but thought I would reach out to the community since you're are the ones that know WatZatSong best and that make WatZatSong what it is everyday.

Whether you are a company, a small team, or a solo developer / project leader, you can send me a message via the "Feedback & Support" link in the bottom right corner if you want to reach out.

Whatever happens, be sure I'll stay around to ensure the website and the community is in good hands!

With all my gratitude and respect.