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  • "Thank you! There you go:

    Who will submit? 😁"
  • Bones feat. Juicy J - Timberlake (Kamran 747 Remix)
  • "German is my 4th language, so i think that a native speaker will understand it better then me."
  • "(ich) stehe an der Ampel (ich) drücke auf den Knopf 
    Ande (?) am Punk (?)  
    (Ich) warte auf den Menschen , lass mir (?) stehen da"
  • "Yes you're right Nanah... I just want to say it's very frustrating by the way.
    I guess the song could be named "An der Ampel" but I don't find anything in this way.
    The text could be :
    "Ich stehe an der Ampel, drücke auf den Knopf. An der Ampel.
    Ich warte auf das Männchen (?), dass ich gehen darf.  An der Ampel." (x2)
    An der Ampel. An der Ampel.
    Ich weiss nicht, was ich machen soll. Roter Mann sagt "rot". An der Ampel.
    Bleib' ich stehen ? Renne ich fort ? An der Ampel."
  • "(ich) an der Ampel (ich) drücke auf den Knopf 
    Ande (?) am Punk (?)  "
  • new sample in Other
  • Argentina - Let's All Dance
  • "When I understand a text well but fail to find a song, I usually write the text in comments so that everyone can search, even those who don’t understand the language. 🙂
    McMac79Thu, 30 Jun 2022 23:31
    The text is not very hard to understand but doesn't lead to anything concret unfortunately...
  • Moon EC - Dağlar Oy Oy Gitara Yeni İfa
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