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  • "Yes! THANK YOU!! 🤗"
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  • "Listen at 0:17"
  • Franzl Lang - Mei Vater is a Appenzeller
  • "Probably your sample is taken from the songs of the Bavarian yodeler Franz Lang, for example or"
  • new sample in Other
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    ""I'd love to act so nonchalant / I don't know just what it is that you want / it's so, it's so...""
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    Richard Lacy & Sarah Elizabeth Lacy - Come On Over
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    "the only lyric i can really make out is "i don't know just what it is you want" maybe the first line starts with "i'd like to ask"?"
  • "Sorry full sample. I recorded this in Frace in the late 80s, I suppose it could be by The Go Gos or a band similar but I can't make any words out."
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