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Il y a 25 jours

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  • new sample
  • "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4hLdO09umI"
  • Rubberen Robbie - Hallo Hallo Hallo
  • "Could you send the whole song via https://vocaroo.com ? Paste link here in comment"
  • "but thanks allways :)"
  • "sorry the song is not 100%, what I have is more friendly."
  • "i mean anti nazi i hope i could bring some clarity into this"
  • "Klamotten Parade in Positur (text nicht ganz verstanden) siehst du das sterbende kind das dich braucht (text nicht ganz verstanden) jetzt windest du dich wie eine schlange im klo (text nicht ganz verstanden) Ich kann ja nichts machen und die andern sind schuld Total ant nazi mein ich Clothes parade in position (text not fully understood) you see the dying child that needs you (text not fully understood) now you wriggle like a snake in the toilet (text not fully understood) I cannot do anything and the others are to blame I mean totally ant nazi"
  • "you're welcome"
  • "your'e welcome"
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