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This sample has been deleted

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  • Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman & Michelle Williams - A Million Dreams
  • a sample in Electro
  • "It’s from a Swedish reality show called “Ullared” from season 3 from 2011. Don’t know the episode number. Not sure of the exact lyrics. I’ve enhanced as best I could."
  • "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQ7J9E9lKys&ab_channel=bettytigers"
  • "Do you know the tv show? do you understand the lyrics in that audio?"
  • "nope. Maybe the tempo can be slower or faster but in my head, it just goes like that"
  • linda lawley - out of control
  • a sample in pop
  • "It sounds like a 2000s rock song"
  • "is it michael jackson give into me?"
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