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Il y a 22 jours

pop - english


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  • new sample in Bande originales
  • "i think this can be expected from a music producer. Just kidding. Man, you rock :)"
  • new sample
  • "excellent ;]"
  • new sample
  • "Hi DJ, I've been looking for this song before, I've listened to a dozen remixes, but none of them are that fast. However, there is a remix called «Svensson Remix» https://www.discogs.com/Shawn-Desman-Shook/master/410350 which I can't find online :( I don't really think, but maybe that's the solution."
  • "thanks SugarySweet7"
  • a sample in Electro
  • a sample in Electro
  • Ayo - I Am Not Afraid
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