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  • The Supremes - Baby Love
  • "You're welcome! 😊"
  • "Yes! Thank you soooo much! Haha I was so stupid!"
  • ""
  • Ir-Sais - Dream Girl (Remix)
  • Ir-Sais - Dream Girl
  • "Maybe this?"
  • "Stolen. I'm quite certain that the original one doesn't have any lyrics. I have to refuse, sorry."
  • a sample in pop
  • "I am pretty sure that the singer was a woman and I remember she was singing something like this "my baby boy my baby boy something something you are all I need" but I tried to google that and it didn't work that means I misremember the lyrics (english is not my main laungage). So I hope someone knows this song or cracks my stupid humming."
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