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  • Dan Henig - Pluck It Up
  • new sample in pop
  • "@Nanah! Vielen Dank!"
  • " maybe? But I think I've heard something very similar to the sample somewhere."
  • Stephen Foster - Camptown Races
  • "1971 Japon"
  • "maybe a lullaby..."
  • "People often comment, in this case, though, and if the poster was able to fix their mistake, maybe they'd be more likely to respond at all, rather than just abandoning the sample or reposting it?"
  • ""
  • "Well... for users new to this platform it is a glitch. I do not know the answer - I chose Quiz as no other category seemed to fit. And the app offered me a Boost option (also does right now) which is apparently useless - oh well... more interested to find out which song this is 😉"
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