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  • Alex Tassel - Cherokee
  • "thanx"
  • new sample in Electro
  • "YW! Confirmation needed..."
  • ""
  • Amy Mastura - Setahun Sekali
  • ""
  • Sound Rush - Froz3n
  • "Hi @Hyde233, I found your sample: They labeled as "Violate" by Damian Valentine. But when I searched for this track, this is what I got: (a hip hop song). But if you check the info, you can see this song is actually "Tellin' Lies" produced by APM: . So this song is the mislabeled one! I guess your sample is well labeled: "Violate" by Damian Valentine. But this is just a hypothesis, since sadly I couldn't find a properly link to confirm that.. Just sharing my 'research' with you :D"
  • "You're welcome"
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