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Walter Murphy - Suite Love Symphony

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  • "2 bonnes réponses pour Katrina"
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    Nino de Angelo - Ich sterbe nicht nochmal
  • Cesar Benitez, Enrique Castillo & Cristobal Guervera - Nobleza Y Gracia
  • Really Slow Motion - Defiance
  • 15
    F.O.O.L - Criminals
  • "Same search:"
  • "Same search:"
  • "ty"
  • "Found it: Nobleza Y Gracia by Cesar Benitez, Enrique Castillo & Cristobal Guervera."
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    "interesting find. it says the composer/preformer is KPE STUDIO here: this still doesn't lead to a rock version of the song though, and i'm not sure if it's the original artist. they also had a song called the end in metal gear solid snake eater pachislot but it's not the same song from what i've heard"
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