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WET WET WET - Sweet Little Mystery

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  • "also, discogs only lists one member being in the band, when there are clearly quite a few others in the 2 pictures."
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  • "sooprpig told me that music here tonight is most likely an original song made by peter for the band. he also wrote 2 other songs, "miss lucky" and "engel der musik" he was going off the discogs info, so i think it's most likely all correct. From what it seems, the band may not have had a consistent line up, and had lots of guests/features. Also, apparently it wasn't rare for cover bands from the 80's to mix in original songs with covers sometimes. So i'd say it's all true..."
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  • Masked Wolf - Astronaut In The Ocean
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  • Adrian von Ziegler - Cliffs of Moher
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