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Vũ Hoàng Dương - Biệt Tri Kỷ (Lee Phú Quý Beat)

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  • "@Amatieris thanks!!"
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    "There are no official song credits for Dibbles (Dibbles Pro Pack).
    At the very least, you would need to contact the distributors or publisher for more information. Or search all production music libraries, which would be a task in itself (even if you already knew the right music house).
    But here's a link for an extended version if you're only interested in the song itself.:"
  • "@Igl yayy thanks! 👏🎺"
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    Track #9 ⇒"
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    Elkie Brooks - Cross Fire
  • Holly & Gangsigns - Riot
  • "I only found this"
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