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Rone - Bye Bye Macadam

Il y a 3938 jours


found in 1981 jours



name that song
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    a sample in Electro
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    "bro its literally the same song 
    im608Thu, 28 Sep 2023 01:24
    a few people have said this is probably bad romance, but me and 1 other person who remembers the song have confirmed it isnt
  • "sorry, I don't want to change my username 😊
    ModerateurThu, 28 Sep 2023 01:17
    ^_^ 🔔 How many times do you have to tell yourself: edit your username
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    "Hello. Just went to the YT link to hear the whole song again but it says "video removed by uploader", which I thought was you. Has there been a 
    development on this? Was it identified? Thanks. "
  • "This is a tough one. I've asked several house, garage, and UK DJs and producers, but no luck yet. I'm also 90% sure I heard this personally on one of the SiriusXM channels about 6 months ago while in the car.  Stephen should ask the shop owner it was recorded at if they use SiriusXM for their 'muzak' provider.  I remember using Shazam and being irritated that it returned nothing at that time too. We've also searched through all of Epidemic Sound, APM/KPM,,,,, HouseHeadsRadio Mixcloud,, OpenAI's SoundCloud, Soulseek, and a bunch of underground house, organ house, 90s house, and early 2000s house YouTube channels. We've previewed entire catalogs or at least related genre sections, not just searching for title matches.  I also have done a youtube reverse audio search on android without any matches, only ones that are not it.

    How does a track with such an interesting vocal & sound end up on radio stations for years without being copyrighted? It's crazy.  Maybe its part of a DJ set and somehow got cut into a track? I also get religious house vibes from this, but I couldn't find a single other track in that genre that sounded anywhere near as catchy as this one so idk.

    Anyways, here.. I separated the original 1-minute-plus clip, and it seems the vocals are a bit easier to hear now:

    One last thing I'll mention is that I've noticed some artists from KPM/APM, like, for example, 'Curtis Schwartz - Topic' on YouTube, have tracks showing up as '2 days ago,' etc., in playlists for songs that are 5, 10+ years old. So, there may well be significant delays in this tech."
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  • "a few people have said this is probably bad romance, but me and 1 other person who remembers the song have confirmed it isnt"
  • Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
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