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RVSHVD - Ballin' (Country Version)

found in 7 min



name that song
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    Studios Killers - Jenny
  • new sample in Other
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    "Can you send the full sample please?"
  • "Apparently the title of the song is "You make me feel""
  • "Thank hou
    it's not but it's not far too
    neotonThu, 04 Apr 2024 14:52
    Isn't this?
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    new sample in Rock
  • "Sadly not :( The song sounds pretty good though
    ChloekoitoWed, 10 Apr 2024 22:22 your post remembers me this song can you verify.
  • "Yes :D
    I can't find that sound
    it's just in my head sin e 25 years
    stooddadudeFri, 05 Apr 2024 03:57
    Nah its just him makin sounds (jk)
  • "Yes,
    I've made it by voice.
    Since 1997, I've never it until today"
  • "It could be Wendy's audition song from South park episode 8 season 4? That has the lines ending in what sounds like swears and has the same melody?"
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