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Motoaki Furukawa - Celebration

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    Cossack folk song - Ой, то не вечер
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    "This is actually easier than you think so maybe you don't need longer samples or hints. It's deceiving you because it is at number 5, where I usually put the most difficult tasks. But this time it's the other way around - this is the most famous name in the May quiz - although not as famous as Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath - still, they are not an unknown name among fans of this style of music."
  • "is this grunge"
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    Nowomowa - Museum Of Memories
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    Airborn - You Don't Mean It
  • new sample in Other
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    "Thanks NanaDensin! 😀
    This is a great song and I also liked other songs by Never Blue band 🙂"
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    "Bravo Amatieris! 😃 I thought I'd have to post a longer longer sample. 😁 There is a part in the song where we can hear the title very well, but I had not included that part, to make it more interesting. Even in that part "Freak" is not very clear, but it would help you guys to be sure that "City" is in the title. Fortunately, you managed without it. 😊

    My new favorite new wave song, it's just fantastic. 😊"
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    new sample in Bande originales
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    Jose AM & Albert Kick - Mandanga Style
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