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Legenda - Balkan party

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  • Paradisio - Bailando
  • Ulterior Motives · Who's Who? · Christopher Saint

  • Paradisio Ft Maria Garcia & Dj Patrick Samoy - Paradisio Ft Maria Garcia & Dj Patrick Samoy - Bailando - 1997 International Official Video
  • Also this one with a cat

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    That's what I'm saying. This is a fake solve

    KyterkaySun, 23 Jun 2024 22:21

    Then who the FUCK is Ingo Eriksson? Kinda weird how Jimmy worked with 2 people with similar first names, and identical last names.

    ziroSun, 23 Jun 2024 22:19

    that's ingmar. There is no evidence he has ever gone by "igno"

    KyterkaySun, 23 Jun 2024 22:18 Look at the credits.

    ziroSun, 23 Jun 2024 22:16

    You just said this with no evidence

    KyterkaySun, 23 Jun 2024 22:16

    ingo is a shortened name for ingmar eriksson, who was a drummer for jimmy's band, big times

    ziroSun, 23 Jun 2024 22:14

    Ingo Eriksson is a saxophone player. Does this song sound like it has saxophone in it?

    KyterkaySun, 23 Jun 2024 22:11

    I saw it on a comment on an upload of Run For Your Life, and according to a Soundcloud upload it was also a collaboration with Ingo Eriksson.

    ziroSun, 23 Jun 2024 22:09

    You just made that up

    KyterkaySun, 23 Jun 2024 20:36

    Confirmed by Jimmy Årjes' widow to be a solo project.

    Solved: Jimmy Årjes - Run For Your Life.

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