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Jimmy The Hoover - Ego

found in 22 heures



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  • Danny and the Juniors - At The Hop
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  • "@rebornjar Thanks, but it's not the same version."
  • new sample in Bande originales
  • "That's fine, you can check the software in the quiz AFTER you find the song. 😊 This is a great tune, I’ve heard it before, but I didn’t know the title. Most of these songs are completely unknown, and I don't expect anyone to know them. There are two goals of my quiz: to practice searching for rare songs and to share those songs with you guys. The number 13 and 14 are impossible to find without a hint, while 7, 10, 12 - is possible. But I know exactly which members can find that, because those skills are learned by searching for songs on this site. Sometimes someone just knows a song or recognizes a performer, like you in this case, but in 90% of cases it's up to searching through lyrics and titles."
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  • "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeikmo2OBgM"
  • Shannon - Let The Music Play (Dj Andrey Sanin Remix)
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