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Jaisiel - On The Universe

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  • "Could this be a demo tape? I don't know how you would prove that but the mic for the singer fades in and out which could be a sign of a more amateur recording.

    Plus, the fact that it's the entire song being played, with no interuptions from the radio host or anything, makes me think that it's not from the radio but just a tape or CD. I can't hear any obvious sounds that it's on a cassette tape, but I'm no expert on all that, so maybe there are some signs that I've missed.

    A reply from the OP with a possible source would be handy, though."
  • a sample in Country
  • "yes its because the chorus is missing, it starts at the end of your sample, if you would have a sample that is a bit longer, you could post it in the comments by using"
  • "Obviously not... I don't know what song is this... artist or title... 
    Anon0122Mon, 29 May 2023 09:57
    Do you have full song? 
  • ""
  • 2
    new sample in Musique classique
  • "Thanks! I've already uploaded a track there."
  • Sample was edited
  • 19
    "if you have a longer sample you can share with us via"
  • Sample was edited
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