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Grant Kirkhope - Bottles' Bonus

found in 2 heures



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  • "Thank you Panne, this is our teamwork. The four of us. 😊 Thanks to McMac79, nonoseacrest and you, too.
    PanneFri, 01 Jul 2022 00:21
    and well done Nanah !
  • "thanks folks!"
  • "the melody is not playing, could you add in the comments a new sample with ?"
  • "That's cool, you found it too. So easy, right? It took me 2 minutes. 😁 
    nonoseacrestFri, 01 Jul 2022 00:19
    oh just saw that lol
    NanahFri, 01 Jul 2022 00:16
    Thank you! There you go:

    Who will submit? 😁
  • "and well done Nanah !"
  • "well done Nonoseacrest  , "Ande am Punk" was indeed "an der Ampel"  , normally the emphasis on the word Ampel is on the first part of the word, but here it was not the case, that's why i got confused"
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