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Deorro featuring Elvis Crespo - Bailar

Il y a 1297 jours

Electro - english

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  • "ok!"
  • a sample in rock
  • "sorry my bad, now i listened to the version by Kerry Christensen. first i ignored him because of him english resembling name. though it's indeed him. however the idiom sounds rather bavarian and not swiss-german."
  • "Thank you, bit I've also heard it as an intro here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x99HR7gEjVY My guess is that the author is someone else, because it doesn't fit any of those tracks."
  • a sample in Jazz, Blues
  • "https://youtu.be/N82rPWXSkFI"
  • Unaverage Gang - Underworld
  • a sample in Jazz, Blues
  • new sample
  • a sample in Jazz, Blues
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