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Ayesha Erotica - Girl Next Door(Demo)

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name that song
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  • "nice solve man, funny thing is that i recongnize this song lol"
  • new sample in Other
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    "Can anyone make out the lyrics?"
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    "ignore the "new clip" i have just discovered its fake.
    its not a part of the song we dont have so i compared the background noise to your snippet to the "new clip", the same shuffling is also present there at the exact same part in the song, and this video doesnt even look like it was filmed in any shop or anything
    Stephen2525Sat, 24 Feb 2024 13:27
    I just tried it on my phone with the higher Android and I can see it. That's great! Good to know other people have heard it in real life.
    Stephen2525Sat, 24 Feb 2024 12:53
    I haven't heard it in recent times. When I click on that streamable link I only get their adverts for themselves, maybe due to my old Android?
    Rappy5618Fri, 23 Feb 2024 11:40
    thats fantastic stuff, means the song is still getting played!! was this at the same store Stephen recorded it at? 
    if u hear this again, try to recore a longer sample, ty for sharing this 
    Nub62Mon, 19 Feb 2024 17:30
    I also recorded this song at the store. As a result, the song is 100% not a hoax.
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    "A lot of samples on this site could be stock music. Here we try to source everything we can. 
    topnotchSat, 24 Feb 2024 19:53
    Could be from a stock music website.
  • "winnie the poop? you kidding? obviously a hoax"
  • Jack Wolfe and his Orchestra - If You Return
  • "Could be from a stock music website."
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    a sample in Pop
  • "clean-up, please"
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