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Alex Skrindo/Spektrel - Velocity

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  • "I understand, I think most of us do like that, we jump between the site and other content on the internet or preparing dinner, for example. But checks and repairs are very important, try to find time for it. After all, it takes less time than searching for music. :-)"
  • "You're welcome! I agree, I don’t understand anything where she sings "Smacks". Some Australian band, sounds pretty hi nrg, that video with aerobics is completely appropriate. 😊"
  • "I'm not always here, sometimes I answer a sample and immediately leave because I need to do other things, I don't check it well, especially when the audio is generated correctly, it's a mistake that I try to improve, never stop doing it really, and it's not laziness or ignoring your advice. I only try to do my best in these situations where I'm not sure whether to put or remove something, I put "version" because I wanted to indicate that it isn't the original, is it wrong? Ok I change it, of course you will not be correcting me all the time, it's a hassle to do that, there's no need, but if it happens, I don't feel like a big deal needs to be done either, that's all I'm saying. For my part it's already closed :)"
  • "Thanks Nanah! 👍 But if it were not for your hints, I hardly managed to find it 🙂"
  • a sample in
  • new sample in rock
  • a sample in Electro
  • "Fantastic, bravo ol2907! 😊"
  • new sample in Electro
  • "I know you didn't make mistakes on purpose, but that's what I'm talking about - we all make mistakes, but we also correct those mistakes. However, I can't write for every mistake you make: "Evelyn, please fix this..." because I have no time. I’ve been here for hours and I still haven’t listened to all of today’s requests. Usually, I have a lot of work to do with explaining to new members: "Press Refuse All", "Add this proposal" etc. and you are a member who does not need a babysitter. So, it would be nice to loosen that attitude and realize that I am not your enemy - I respect all the good members here who contribute to the site, including you. We are a community, whoever is here often has to work with others. 😊"
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