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    "Thank you. Can you please change his name to Tom Kerss instead of "Unknown"?
    SolSnicksMon, 22 Apr 2024 01:59
    Unfortunately, the youtuber made the song for the video. He confirmed this when replying to a commenter named pedro1745 around a year ago. Sorry <:[
  • " Accepted after about 3 weeks!"
  • "Maybe it's a label that was on the tape? Also I see you in almost every lostwave video on youtube lol
    RobertKim092Mon, 22 Apr 2024 07:25
    what's "the fixx"??
  • "i hear a synth towards the end if that helps!"
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    a sample in Pop
  • 5
    a sample in Pop
  • 7
    a sample in Rock
  • a sample in Other
  • 5
    a sample in Bande originales
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