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    "Judging by the sound of the drums (especially clap), a LinnDrum drum machine was used when writing the song. I hope this can help."
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    the clarks - cigarette
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    "full song:"
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    a sample in Soundtracks
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  • "Great that you can correct this, but spare me your sarcasm
    AmatierisFri, 24 May 2024 09:39
    I already wrote about this here
    However, some users repeat this incorrect answer again and again
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    This is a repost of this:

    An approximate version of the text:

    We're not in tune and chillin' feelin'
    Shakin', badly or really killin'
    Do anything just to get you
    A takeout time so I can see you
    'Cause your love is driving me crazy
    All the while it doesn't fade you
    Let me show you how I'm drippin'
    'Cause all the while you think I'm flippin'

    It seems to me that I recently heard this song in one of the playlists on YouTube like "THE BEST EURODANCE OF THE 90S". Help me find this, please...

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