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246 days ago

rock - instrumental

246 days ago

Electro - english
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  • "Hint: From a popular fantasy franchise still today. This sample is from a 1990 game. I just look and I don't know if the game was actually release on the NES or just the famicon, I played the playstation remaster years ago."
  • a sample in rock
  • "I remember liking it too, but most people prefer the board version, more social / family friendly. For The Chessmaster, I was too bad to play this, I don't know maybe I was too young. :)"
  • "Браво! Страхотен резултат!"
  • Usher - U Remind Me
  • "I used to play this game and The Chessmaster all the time. Pretty fun at that time."
  • "Hint: This is what is played when your health is low so you heard it quite a lot when you play it. A fantasy game from 1987, the composer is english."
  • "Yup, this one. Congrats!"
  • "Yes, congrats!"
  • Paul Webb - Monopoly Auction
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