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"THIS IS THE REAL ONE. I believe it's a Japanese drum and bass song."
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"I think this is from a J-pop song or something. Speed might not be 100% right"
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"It's a sountrack from an Anime but i can't remember which."
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"It's soundtrack from game (as i think), but Shazam cant recognise it, because of this stupid "pings". Anyway ty for help, have a nice day!"
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"I have had this song in my music folder as "Unknown" for about 10+ years. No app I have tried can identify this song at all. I ripped it from YouTube when I was a kid. I desperately need a name and band for this thing, it's been driving me nuts for a few years now."
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"soundtrack to the Moonlight Romance series"
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    "O Sole Mio"
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  • Гаухартас - Қазағым-ай
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    "It's obviously just a short theme. But if you're looking for similar music - when I first heard the "Smashtown Fight Song" I was sure I'd found the right composer (it's just a little faster); also from Muresan. And there is a list of many other titles by him.
    (It was his fault, and sometimes his publisher's, for not always using his full name in the credits.)"
  • Neoton Família - Marathon
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