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"Hello People all over the world.
I love rock, alternative rock, new wave, grunge and pop and search for years and years. The songs which I search were all recorded in the 80`s and in the beginning of the 90`s from a german rockradiostation, which calls Radio M1.
I hope you can help me. All songs on Vocaroo to hear as long version.
Thanks a lot and have always a good time.""


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  • Jeremy Blake - Tiptoe
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  • "It's the main theme from the Japanese anime "Laputa, castle in the sky" by Joe Hisaishi. A wonderful master piece. You have the orchestra version with chors and the piano version check on youtube, you'll find everything."
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  • Joe Hisaishi - Innocent (君をのせて), Laputa / Castle in the Sky Piano Theme
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