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"We heard a live band outside in public playing this song - it sonds sooo familiar, has to be from a movie, but we cannot find out which one... can you help?"
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"Instrumental music from a 1996 TV Show"
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  • "Oh, I'm so glad! Thank you very much!"
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    Above & Beyond - Far From In Love (Shane54 On Spec Remix)
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    "Similar Performers: Error Garner, Joe Sample, Ramsey Lewis, Greg Karukas. Diana Krall. "
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    "I sat down and listen carefully on loop and i think i know the lyrics
    You’re counting on a shield  in the dark
    Caught up in a world of lies (love)
    Everyone knows that you’ve got
    Ulterior motives
    Tell me the truth 
    Every move shows that
    Maybe this helps 😊"
  • "This Band was also known as Inandout (IAO). They got more or less the the same song in English called "The Rise""
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