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"this is a song of chris brown but i really need this version of the song someone pls help"
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"viral Douyin / chinese tiktok song"
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"This song has stumped shazam and some other apps. Lyric searches have also failed"
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"hey, heard it in a club last night.. machines cant help me with decyphering the song :("
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"Hi guys, I have this sound in my head since this morning and I don't know what's is it.. Please help me ! I don't know if the I do not know if the rest is in french or in english.."
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  • AK - Discovery
  • J. Cole - MIDDLE CHILD
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    "Le titre exact est : Marche des Gendarmes"
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  • "The artist gave the answer: Hanna - Ataraxia"
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    a sample in Soundtrack
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