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"Welcome! My favorite music genres are VGM, 8-bit/chiptunes and demoscene music."


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"I heard this song in a site called windows93.net"
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"From Runescape or DonkeyKong, cant find it"
TMNT 4 (Turtles in time) OST - Sewer Surfin
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"https://youtu.be/6hlXJFBABM4 I found this song on this yt vid and really want to know the name. Ignore the talking."
Coda - Tires on fire
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"this track is from the game maybe?"
Vim! - No
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"i have no idea what this is...some chiptune. so unds nice though."
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  • "Probably some version of this: https://youtu.be/r1dquH_KOQc?t=38"
  • "I do appreciate the proposal but to be honest, I don't think it's this one. So I'm sorry, I have to reject this one."
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