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"Here since February 8th, '18.
A Serbian philosophy student & a major music lover.

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    "Sorry, that "music" seemed funny to me. I have been trying to reduce noise but still not getting anything interesting to know. It's too hard for me. Good luck.
    testtpnTue, 16 Aug 2022 15:50
    @Yand, What's so funny about this?
  • "

    Downloaded the full song from yt and have the complete song in my computer. But i don.t know the name of it.

    This sample is a piece recovered from my crashed usb-drive.

    The song can be found on yt if i know the song name

  • Steve Rucker - A Turning Point
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  • "this is from eps 12 (send in the clones) they have a youtube channle too

    thanks so much im still hoping to find them

    its the same eps with the mozart song too in it also :P  "
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  • "Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone "
  • Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone
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