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"Some music"

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59 days ago

Jazz, Blues - Other
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    "ive made a soundtrap extension if anyones interested. its not the full song but if you wanna check it out let me know"
  • "Does the tape have any info on it or is it just all blank?
    PaceWed, 17 Apr 2024 22:06
    A tape that I purchased at a thrift store. 
    Sonik2683Wed, 17 Apr 2024 21:40
    Where did you get this fragment from? 
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    a sample in Electro
  • "I just checked through the Hurriane Andrew aftermath from WTVJ-TV 4, the Loma Prieta earthquake aftermath from KPIX-TV 5 & KRON-TV 4, and the Oklahoma City bombing aftermath from KFOR-TV 4. I could be looking at the wrong videos but none of these programs had this song playing in them at any point. I checked the aftermath coverage to all of these events because I figured they wouldn't have played music like that during live coverage.

    I did find this: Its KNBC 4's coverage of the Northridge Earthquake, and it contains footage that is reused in the Earthquake Safety Video as the song plays. Seems like, to me at least, this song was specifically made for the Earthquake Safety Video. I was thinking it may be possible that the full song isn't much longer than what we have already, maybe a minute long, especially if it was a one off jingle made for this video specifically."
  • "

    Was posted by jhonsting here a while back, but the sample got deleted"
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    Longer sample."
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