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  • "nah this version is close enough
    julombieSat, 25 May 2024 13:37
    Reject my answer if you want the exact version.
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  • "can not find it - (French Cafe Jazz Relaxation "Swanky Ambience For More Feelings") 😀
    liamlimelarmSat, 25 May 2024 05:11
    turns out it wasnt even correct lmao
    liamlimelarmSat, 25 May 2024 00:33
    wondershare tidymymusic identified it
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  • "thank you"
  • "can you share this with your brother and ask him to check with his friends, because mabie one of his friends was associated with the mix
    BorySat, 25 May 2024 18:23
    Not really, he just really liked electronic music and had friends who played in clubs and stuff, many of the tapes have mixes from his friends or radio recordings with this style of music, but he was not associated with any band.
    MajoR8Sat, 25 May 2024 18:08
    was your brother associated with any bands you know of?
    BorySat, 25 May 2024 18:06
    The tape was recorded by my older brother a long time ago, I should assume between the 90s or 2000s. The other songs in the mix are of the same Techno and House style. I don't know if he recorded them from a local radio station here in Chile or if one of his friends gave him the mix (since he had DJ friends who mixed a lot of music for clubs and raves)
    shittypissSat, 25 May 2024 17:47
    Sounds like French House to me, is there any more info you can provide regarding the tape you took this from?
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  • "Sure, I'll upload it to Vocaroo in a while.
    MajoR8Sat, 25 May 2024 18:10
    can you upload the whole thing on aswell please
    BorySat, 25 May 2024 18:09
    I uploaded the full snippet on YouTube:
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