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"A Muzak cover of something? A Muzak original?"
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"summer vibe song from 2013-2015"
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"this is not a part of the music that i look for, but it have the same tone (or similiar) this song tittle is Berlagak Bahagia-idgitaf but in 1:12-1:16 it reminds me of another song, but i can't remember whether it's from a game or a song, I don't know."
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"A zither melody of an old German folk song or either British/American pop tune"
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"It is a recent music video wherein the protagonists stay seated in a magic theatre with red seats. After a while in the video, you see a magician do the trick where they cut the box containing the assitant in half but the assistant survives. I am not talking about coldplay's magic, this video is recent and I dont remember the tune either"
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"A cover of a 1920s/30s Tin Pan Alley tune? Title tune of the 1987 game "Caverns of Death II" for the C64."
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"Please help me with the name of the song"
  • "Ignore the metadata, it's not Street Player, it's only because it's what I thought it was initially. "
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  • "Semble être un fake"
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    Chicago - Street Player
  • Warriyo, Laura Brehm - Mortals
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  • a sample in Country
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    new sample in Electro
  • Sample was edited
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    a sample in Country
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