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  • "You're welcome, I didn't recognize this song or voices ( although maybe I saw it before in some Quiz here, not sure ); I found it by title, lost some time on lyrics and searching for the title Mini Dance and then I finally tried Midi. :-) But all the credits go to miroVT, he was faster."
  • " (21:54)"
  • "Give her my regards! Slightly different from the original but she plays very well. As far as I can judge, because I can't play the piano :("
  • ""
  • " Thanks!"
  • "You're welcome elabismo I found the song,recognizing the voices of the men's duo"
  • Marc Torch feat. Nikki Desoto - Victorious
  • "It was very important to me, a girl I know played this song on the piano, but she didn't remember the name or the interpreter. She learned it a long time ago. Now I can tell her. I am sure that I will make her happy, thanks to you."
  • "You're very welcome. I wasn't sure but I'm glad I could help :)"
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