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  • new sample in rock
  • "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTPPxvNYzQ0"
  • N O M I N A L - Everyday Anyone (DATURA Remix)
  • "Mais grâce à toi j'ai découvert ça ^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2z7pr_RAIE"
  • "Je t'avouerai que j'avais assez peu d'espoir ;)"
  • "Anyone know this?"
  • "Non je donnerai des indices plus tard , pas ce groupe."
  • new sample
  • "@Wurzlsepp Oh, are you sure? I live right next to Appenzell but I’m not too familiar with the dialect. I’ve noticed that Kerry Christensens pronunciation sounds a bit odd but I thought it’s because he’s an American. My dad knew the song right away. He said it’s a traditional Appenzeller song. Some website says that it was originally written by Alfred Tobler, which is an Appenzeller. Not sure what you mean. The version I’ve found on youtube is the exact same as the one from the uploader. I was wrong about the album title. In the meantime I’ve found a sample of the song on that album and it’s not the exact same."
  • "Original is https://youtu.be/_7-iOH5Lz50"
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