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"French girl from Canada. ;)

April 2022: I will be less active on the site for personal duties, but I will come once a while, this is a really good site and I'm very grateful for all the discoveries. :D"

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"This is more of a fragment of a music piece, I just couldn't found the original ( found on a meme XD)"
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"I think it's from a video game, either a "you died" sound or opening logos probably?"
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"what is the name of this video game song, it sounds like it came from plants vs zombies but i can't find which song it is"
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"from some trailer, apologies for the bad singing"
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"This was the soundtrack to a 20/20 report "Murder & Scandal in Chicagoland." It aired May 8 2020 on ABC."
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    Sibel Bilgiç - Alışamadım
  • "
    And what makes you think that?"
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    Favours for Sailors - Hanging on your Christmas tree
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    Favours for Sailors - Down in the Panty Mine
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    Favours for Sailors - Hanging on your Christmas tree
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  • new sample in Other
  • "the song probably named "horizon""
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