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"Please remove "Delete profile" button or don't wait my appearance anymore!!!

Link to my last help ever:

Goodbye everybody!"


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  • "Is this correct? All of the other "Dato" songs do not sound like this, they are all pop/love songs, and not rap like this one. Can anyone provide me a link to more music by this artist?"
  • "I'm glad I could help somehow :)"
  • "@hyperdilis Thank you!"
  • "@Coruja, Thx for the lead. I was able to use that to find the Title/Artist which is Johnny Rock - Mr Happy."
  • "whoever finds it and posts it here for everyone to see first gets added on snap as well as 25$ on venmo, or an online gift code for any place such as taco bell, chic fil a, etc that uses them so i can gmail them to you, good luck!!"
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